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San Francisco Bay Sailing Forecasts

Sailor's Energy has developed state-of-the-art sailing forecasts specifically for the San Francisco Bay. These forecasts resolve the flow in the Bay with unmatched detail in both space and time. Our forecasts are delivered to our users in a just-in-time fashion via email to ensure you get the most up-to-date forecast right before your race or cruise. We tailor the spatial extent of the wind maps to show you only the waters that you care about. Our forecasts provide you unmatched information to hit a shift or fly kite across the line while your competitors are beating to windward.

Sailor's finds US East Coast offshore wind energy resource strong, even during peak-demand times

By Bjorn Carey, Stanford News Service

A new analysis by Stanford researchers reveals that there is enough offshore wind along the U.S. East Coast to meet the electricity demands of at least one-third of the country.

The scientists paid special attention to the Maine-to-Virginia corridor; the historical lack of strong hurricanes in the region makes it a favorable site for offshore wind turbines. They found that turbines placed there could satisfy the peak-time power needs of these states for three seasons of the year (summer is the exception).

Sailor's finds ideal location for US East Coast offshore wind grid

Using a sophisticated weather model, environmental engineers at Stanford have defined optimal placement of a grid of four wind farms off the U.S. East Coast. The model successfully balances production at times of peak demand and significantly reduces costly spikes and zero-power events.

Wind turbines off Berkeley?

Mike Dvorak of Sailor's Energy was featured in a recent story by San Francisco ABC7's Wayne Freedman about builing wind turbines off Berkeley. See the story link for the full video.

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